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Clothing – the most exciting and thoughtful part of parenting

Each and every parent desires to furnish the best facilities to their children, especially to their new borns. They make grand preparations to welcome their baby in this world. From the baby cot to the toys, from the pram to the clothes, everything just needs to be perfect. Under such high expectations of comfort for their baby, how can they compromise with the quality of clothes that their baby shall wear? How can they miss on the most exciting and thoughtful part of parenting?

All of us know that the baby clothes should be soft and cozy, in order to suffice the comfort of mother’s womb to the babies. As important it is to cuddle your baby, that much important it is to wrap them in finest clothing. Recently, Pima cotton has emerged as a new breed of luxury cotton. It is prized for its soft, baby-blanket like feeling. An entire line of cute baby clothes, sleep wear, sheets, blankets and towels, made from Pima cotton are available in the market.

While there are many alternatives available for clothing, including blends of cotton with other materials, Pima cotton clothes for babies have the most reliable and healthy impact on the growth of your baby. A few reasons why pima cotton clothing should be preferred by parents are:

  1. The fabric strands of cotton clothes do not have harmful colors and chemicals.
  2. They have great moisture retention ability and feather like softness.
  3. They do not cause body rashes or sensitivities to the infant.
  4. They prevent the absorption of harmful chemicals by baby’s skin.
  5. They are so durable that they will stay the same until your son or daughter grows out of them.
  6. They don’t fade or fall apart in the wash, even after multiple washes.

Honestly, these are the most loving infant garments, produced from long strands of organically grown Pima cotton. They take care of your baby just like you do and so, are favored by parents worldwide. They not only guarantee cheerful wellbeing but also minimize your concerns with respect to the baby.

At Ellilo, softest cotton clothes are manufactured, especially for your baby. The entire range of cotton clothing for babies is just incredible.  You will fall in love with everything on sale – caps, pants, frocks, tees, bibs, blankets, caps, shoes and socks, baby suits, rompers and even nappies. They are blended with hand smocked layette, playful prints and sophisticated embroidery, made just for your baby. So if you’re looking for baby clothes that are as cute as your baby and as soft


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