Baby Clothes

Cotton Clothes Free From Adornments Are Baby Friendly!

Moms are always anxious about what would be the best choice for their little angels especially at the time when they head out to buy comfy clothes for their cute babies. When they shop for baby clothing, they keep so many factors into account such as fabric, size, texture, design, color, brand and so on that significantly influence their decision of shopping.

If they take a wrong move of these decision determining factors, the health of their babies will be at great risk. For instance, if the fabric of the clothes is not soft and delicate, it can cause several sorts of skin issues to the tender baby skin like rashes, itching etc.


Chemically Formulated Clothes – A Big No For Prudent Parents!

Cute baby clothes no longer fascinate the modern moms since they have come to know that those clothes are made of toxic materials or harmful chemicals. Thus, being a smart parent, it becomes your prime responsibility to identify which fabrics are purely made from organic materials and which are formulated with toxic chemicals. Clothing which is organically made is known to be baby-friendly while the clothing which is mixed with chemicals expected to be rough and itchy to the delicate skin of babies.

Baby Friendly – Cotton Clothes!

Cute and funky baby garments are those which are solely made from cotton. Softest cotton baby clothes are the most comfortable to the babies’ skin that facilitates the beautiful sleep throughout the night. The soft and sensitive skin of your babies will never be disturbed or damaged by the delicate texture of the cotton while the chemically formulated garments can cause itching and rashes to the baby’s skin.

Steer Clear Of Zipper & Buttons!

Though cotton is the baby friendly fabric, it does not mean that you are free to choose any design for your tiny tots. There are some intricate designs that are really not safe for the soft skin that your kids have as these designs can bring your kid into an unpleasant condition. Cotton clothes having buttons, zipper and other adornments can cause serious accidents to the toddlers as kids are in the habit of playing with anything they grab or see around them. Zippers and the buttons in their clothes can give them the good reason to play with them and they can get trapped in a chocking accident like swallowing a button.

Summing Up –

Thus, being a smart parent, your choice should be to buy the clothes that provide comfort and convenience without compromising on the point of safety and security. Buy softest baby clothes from “Ellillo” and stay assured to gift the best touch & feel to your little angels!

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